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May 2011

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Paint it Black Part 1

A/N: This chapter is based on this lovely picture tinypic.com/m/ei9lrb/3    
        It was half an hour before a home game and all the players in the clubhouse were doing their usual pregame rituals. Gio, for example was praying into his rosary beads and Cahill was constructing then disassembling a LEGO model of the Millennium Falcon for the third time.
         Daric Barton was putting on eyeblack in the large vanity mirror. Even if it wasn’t necessarily sunny, he still always wore it. It was more of a style thing to him now.
        “Hey Dair,” a voice said.
         Daric looked to see who the voice belonged to. “Oh hey, Sween. Ready for the game today?”
         “Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be.” Ryan Sweeney replied. Ryan had a huge crush on the first baseman since he was drafted. When Ryan was a rookie, it was Daric who took him out, showed him around and helped get Ryan acquainted with everybody. Ryan was fine with being just friends with Daric, but he wouldn’t mind being more than either.
          Ryan reached for another stick of eyeblack that was on the vanity. He picked it up and handed it to the first baseman. “Hey man, when you’re done there could you help me put this on?”
           Daric stopped applying a second layer of the grease to his left cheek. “You never wear eyeblack, dude.” He remarked.
            “I’ll try anything once,” Ryan said and smirked.
             The first baseman finished marking up his cheek and turned to Ryan. The outfielder handed Daric his stick of eyeblack he’d been holding in his hand.
            “I’ll use mine.” Daric said. He touched Ryan’s chin slightly to lower it down to Daric’s level since he was 4 inches shorter than Ryan. Ryan smiled at the touch.
          “Quit smilin’.” Daric snapped. Ryan’s cheeks reddened at the remark. He didn’t realize how much he was acting like a schoolgirl. His mouth rested in a soft smirk.
           Daric was concentrating on getting the marks on the outfielder’s cheeks even. Ryan couldn’t help but watch Daric’s face as his applied to grease to his face. Daric’s mouth set in a certain way when he concentrated and it turned Ryan on like no other. That’s why Ryan didn’t mind not being able to be in the lineup every day: because he could watch the first baseman play and to Ryan, it was the sexiest thing.
           Daric’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “There, you’re done.” Ryan smiled again. He leaned in and kissed the side of Daric’s mouth, smudging the eyeblack on his left cheek.
          “Thanks, good luck today.” Ryan said and walked away before Daric could reply. The first baseman looked in the mirror to see the smudged eyeblack. Instead of fixing it, he let a small smile come over his face and walked away.