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May 2011

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May 4th, 2011

Paint it Black Part 1

A/N: This chapter is based on this lovely picture tinypic.com/m/ei9lrb/3    
        It was half an hour before a home game and all the players in the clubhouse were doing their usual pregame rituals. Gio, for example was praying into his rosary beads and Cahill was constructing then disassembling a LEGO model of the Millennium Falcon for the third time.
         Daric Barton was putting on eyeblack in the large vanity mirror. Even if it wasn’t necessarily sunny, he still always wore it. It was more of a style thing to him now.
        “Hey Dair,” a voice said.
         Daric looked to see who the voice belonged to. “Oh hey, Sween. Ready for the game today?”
         “Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be.” Ryan Sweeney replied. Ryan had a huge crush on the first baseman since he was drafted. When Ryan was a rookie, it was Daric who took him out, showed him around and helped get Ryan acquainted with everybody. Ryan was fine with being just friends with Daric, but he wouldn’t mind being more than either.
          Ryan reached for another stick of eyeblack that was on the vanity. He picked it up and handed it to the first baseman. “Hey man, when you’re done there could you help me put this on?”
           Daric stopped applying a second layer of the grease to his left cheek. “You never wear eyeblack, dude.” He remarked.
            “I’ll try anything once,” Ryan said and smirked.
             The first baseman finished marking up his cheek and turned to Ryan. The outfielder handed Daric his stick of eyeblack he’d been holding in his hand.
            “I’ll use mine.” Daric said. He touched Ryan’s chin slightly to lower it down to Daric’s level since he was 4 inches shorter than Ryan. Ryan smiled at the touch.
          “Quit smilin’.” Daric snapped. Ryan’s cheeks reddened at the remark. He didn’t realize how much he was acting like a schoolgirl. His mouth rested in a soft smirk.
           Daric was concentrating on getting the marks on the outfielder’s cheeks even. Ryan couldn’t help but watch Daric’s face as his applied to grease to his face. Daric’s mouth set in a certain way when he concentrated and it turned Ryan on like no other. That’s why Ryan didn’t mind not being able to be in the lineup every day: because he could watch the first baseman play and to Ryan, it was the sexiest thing.
           Daric’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “There, you’re done.” Ryan smiled again. He leaned in and kissed the side of Daric’s mouth, smudging the eyeblack on his left cheek.
          “Thanks, good luck today.” Ryan said and walked away before Daric could reply. The first baseman looked in the mirror to see the smudged eyeblack. Instead of fixing it, he let a small smile come over his face and walked away.

Paint it Black Part 2

         The game that day would up being one of the best Daric had played since the biggining of the season. Reporters said he finally got out of his slump. When interviewed postgame, he said the reason for the great game was that something "just clicked".
         Back in the clubhouse, Daric walked out of the showers with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Sweeney was leaning against his locker, like something out of a cliche high school movie.
         "Great game today," Ryan congratulated.
          Daric smiled. "Thanks,"
          "Um, do you want to go for drinks later? To, uh, celebrate." Sweeney asked nervously.
          'Hm, that's a little weird', Daric thought, 'with the whole eyeblack thing, and now this.' The first baseman didnt think too much into it and brushed it off. "Yeah, sure."
          Sweeney smiled widely. "sweet, see you there."
          That night, they met at a bar in the nice part of Oakland. It was a nice little place Sweeney and some of the other players came to after games. Ryan spotted Daric when he walked through the door and motioned him over. "Aw, here's our little all-star." Ryan teased.
          Daric blushed, "Shut up."
          Sweeney used the beer in his hand as a microphone and pretended he was a reporter, "So Daric, what made this game so special?"
          "Ugh, I have had way too much of that today." the first baseman scoffed and took the beer Ryan was pointing in his face.
          4 beers, 3 shots and a conversation about the different names for penis later, the bartender began threatening to kick them out.
          "C'mon, let's get out of here." Daric said and walked out, Sweeney following behind.
           Daric opened the door to his car for Ryan. "Gee, I feel like I'm on a real date here." Ryan teased and Daric smiled.
         They got in the car and Daric put the key in the ignition but didnt turn it on. The battery started up and Led Zepplin began flowing out of the speakers. Sweeney looked at the first baseman, almost watching him, out of the corner of his eye. The alcohol made everything fuzzy.                And in that moment, that one single instant, Daric took the outfeilder by the back of the head and pressed their mouths together. Ryan's eyes flew wide open and froze. Daric pulled away and Ryan was stuck with the wide-eyed expression still on his face. Daric started the car and drove out of the parking lot.

Paint it Black Part 3

          The ride back home was quiet. Neither of them were sure what to say, so nothing was said. Daric dropped Ryan at home and sped off without saying goodbye or anything.
          Daric woke the next morning with a pounding in his head an ringing in his ears- an annoying reminder as to what happened last night.           He crawled out of bed and took a cold shower, hoping to shake the recollection of what happened between him and Ryan.
          Before the game that night when the players were getting ready in the clubhouse, Sweeney kept glancing over at Daric. The first baseman could feel the outfielder looking, but he would ignore it.
            Daric found himself right back in his slump. He went 0-4 and an got an error that caused them to lose. Usually other teammates would tease him and give him shit, but this time, no one even dared to talk to him, everyone stayed out of his way. It was quiet in the clubhouse.
            When Daric walked to his car, he saw Ryan leaning against the driver side door, waiting for Daric. What Ryan was doing was ridiculous- suicidal even.
          "The fuck do you want?" Daric snapped.
            So badly Ryan wanted to run away, pretend he never did this and just continue to avoid Daric for the rest of his life, or until he got traded, but he knew that was not the right thing to do."I just wanted to uh, talk about last night-"
Daric was furious. "Look dude, I don't fucking know what happened last night. If something happened that made you get your little hopes up that we were gonna be lovers or some shit, I'm not interested in your little fantasy.You can go fap to my picture on your own time but leave me the fuck out of it." He got in his car and sped away.
           The next few days were hell for Ryan. He couldn't sleep and even though he barely played, he played like shit, and the worst part was that everyone noticed. Kurt Suzuki came up to Sweeney after a game and asked him what was wrong, because no one plays this bad for no reason. Nothing, Sweeney told Kurt, nothing was wrong. After games, Ryan would go straight home, avoiding Daric at all costs. Which was easy, considering Daric wanted nothing to do with him.
          The team were going on a road trip to Seattle on Friday, and avoiding Daric would be a lot harder on the road. But Ryan had avoided him this long, a few more games wouldn't be too bad right?