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May 2011

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Paint it Black part 4

        The A's lost the first two games of the series. After the games, Ryan would go straight to his hotel room and go right to sleep. Usually after losses on the road, him and Daric would go bar hopping around whatever city they were in. Ryan missed that. 
         Daric, on the other hand, was still going bar hopping, only he was going with Dallas Braden. Daric would get slammed and invite some girl or guy back to his hotel room, forgetting about Dallas and leaving him at the bar
         The third night was different. Ryan was in his room, about to go to bed when his phone vibrated. It was Dallas.  "u up?" the text message read. Ryan was confused. Why the hell would Dallas ask him if he was awake. 
         "yeah. what do u want." Ryan replied.
          A few minutes later, another response. "meet me @ the bar on 4th. Daric is drunk and won't stop talkin about u. he says he feels bad about what happened between u two."
           Ryan reread the message a few times before his mind told him to take action. He wasn't exactly thrilled that he would have to meet Daric. He wasn't sure if he was ready yet, but he had to do it eventually. He couldn't spend the rest of his life- or until he was traded- running away from the first baseman. He got dressed and ran downstairs to catch a cab.
           The entire cab ride there, his mind was racing at a million miles an hour. Every "what if" situation crossed through his head. The cab stopped in front of the bar and he sat for a moment, wondering if this was going to be worth it. But he wouldn't know if he didn't take the plunge. Ryan walked in the bar and Dallas spotted him right away and waved him over. "Where's-" 
           Dallas broke him off. "He's in the bathroom. Look, he doesn't know I invited you here. He's probably going to freak, so watch out."
           "Then why the fuck did you bring me here?!" 
            "Because, dammit, you need to stop moping around and face your problems like the adults you are. You guys are acting like high schoolers right now. We all know you have a big ole gay crush on him, and he deserves to know."
            "I've tried to tell him."
            "Well you haven't tried very hard, dude." 
             Ryan sighed.
             "He's comin' back. It's showtime, buddy."