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May 2011

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Paint it Black Part 3

          The ride back home was quiet. Neither of them were sure what to say, so nothing was said. Daric dropped Ryan at home and sped off without saying goodbye or anything.
          Daric woke the next morning with a pounding in his head an ringing in his ears- an annoying reminder as to what happened last night.           He crawled out of bed and took a cold shower, hoping to shake the recollection of what happened between him and Ryan.
          Before the game that night when the players were getting ready in the clubhouse, Sweeney kept glancing over at Daric. The first baseman could feel the outfielder looking, but he would ignore it.
            Daric found himself right back in his slump. He went 0-4 and an got an error that caused them to lose. Usually other teammates would tease him and give him shit, but this time, no one even dared to talk to him, everyone stayed out of his way. It was quiet in the clubhouse.
            When Daric walked to his car, he saw Ryan leaning against the driver side door, waiting for Daric. What Ryan was doing was ridiculous- suicidal even.
          "The fuck do you want?" Daric snapped.
            So badly Ryan wanted to run away, pretend he never did this and just continue to avoid Daric for the rest of his life, or until he got traded, but he knew that was not the right thing to do."I just wanted to uh, talk about last night-"
Daric was furious. "Look dude, I don't fucking know what happened last night. If something happened that made you get your little hopes up that we were gonna be lovers or some shit, I'm not interested in your little fantasy.You can go fap to my picture on your own time but leave me the fuck out of it." He got in his car and sped away.
           The next few days were hell for Ryan. He couldn't sleep and even though he barely played, he played like shit, and the worst part was that everyone noticed. Kurt Suzuki came up to Sweeney after a game and asked him what was wrong, because no one plays this bad for no reason. Nothing, Sweeney told Kurt, nothing was wrong. After games, Ryan would go straight home, avoiding Daric at all costs. Which was easy, considering Daric wanted nothing to do with him.
          The team were going on a road trip to Seattle on Friday, and avoiding Daric would be a lot harder on the road. But Ryan had avoided him this long, a few more games wouldn't be too bad right?