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May 2011

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Paint it Black Part 2

         The game that day would up being one of the best Daric had played since the biggining of the season. Reporters said he finally got out of his slump. When interviewed postgame, he said the reason for the great game was that something "just clicked".
         Back in the clubhouse, Daric walked out of the showers with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Sweeney was leaning against his locker, like something out of a cliche high school movie.
         "Great game today," Ryan congratulated.
          Daric smiled. "Thanks,"
          "Um, do you want to go for drinks later? To, uh, celebrate." Sweeney asked nervously.
          'Hm, that's a little weird', Daric thought, 'with the whole eyeblack thing, and now this.' The first baseman didnt think too much into it and brushed it off. "Yeah, sure."
          Sweeney smiled widely. "sweet, see you there."
          That night, they met at a bar in the nice part of Oakland. It was a nice little place Sweeney and some of the other players came to after games. Ryan spotted Daric when he walked through the door and motioned him over. "Aw, here's our little all-star." Ryan teased.
          Daric blushed, "Shut up."
          Sweeney used the beer in his hand as a microphone and pretended he was a reporter, "So Daric, what made this game so special?"
          "Ugh, I have had way too much of that today." the first baseman scoffed and took the beer Ryan was pointing in his face.
          4 beers, 3 shots and a conversation about the different names for penis later, the bartender began threatening to kick them out.
          "C'mon, let's get out of here." Daric said and walked out, Sweeney following behind.
           Daric opened the door to his car for Ryan. "Gee, I feel like I'm on a real date here." Ryan teased and Daric smiled.
         They got in the car and Daric put the key in the ignition but didnt turn it on. The battery started up and Led Zepplin began flowing out of the speakers. Sweeney looked at the first baseman, almost watching him, out of the corner of his eye. The alcohol made everything fuzzy.                And in that moment, that one single instant, Daric took the outfeilder by the back of the head and pressed their mouths together. Ryan's eyes flew wide open and froze. Daric pulled away and Ryan was stuck with the wide-eyed expression still on his face. Daric started the car and drove out of the parking lot.